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Member Number: 00001730

Established: January 04, 2010

Address: 10800 Sikes Place
Suite 205
Charlotte, NC 28277

Number of Employees: 45

Contact:  David Glass (Human Resources)
Phone: (855) 776-8338

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Business Description

We started our company to help people just like you. We'll help you manage your student debt and, in some cases, establish debt forgiveness. Everyday we challenge ourselves by asking what can we do to help the millions of people that are struggling with Federal and/or private student loans? Whether the best solution is debt consolidation, debt forgiveness or some other form of relief; we'll be sure you understand your options so you can make a choice the betters your situation. We're here to guide you through the process. We've worked incredibly hard to make sure the advice and guidance we give you is accurate, timely and valuable. We won't lie. And we're constantly learning to ensure we know what we're talking about. Student loan regulations are changing all the time so it's important to keep up with how these changes impact outstanding debt and options for debt relief.

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State Seal of NC
Corporate Name:Education Loan Center
Filing State:NC
Entity Number:1420472
Filing Date:January 07, 2015
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