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Ajenda Public Relations
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Member Number: 00001651

Established: January 01, 2010

Address: 125 South Citrus St
Orange, CA 92868

Number of Employees: 2

Phone Number: 949-874-7374

Contact:  Jennifer Morris (Owner)
Phone: 949-874-7374 ext: 0

Website: http://www.ajendapr.com

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Business Description

Ajenda is a public relations boutique company specializing in media relations, marketing, and event planning with an emphasis on social media. Our goal is to achieve a connection between you and the ideal audience. Ajenda’s talent and experience allows us to deliver the right services, at the right time, to the right people. Consumers have been over saturated with advertising and no longer want to be told what to purchase. They want to interact with a brand, company, or service and be heard. With social media you have the opportunity to start and build lasting relationships. Social media is an innovative and cost efficient way to create a buzz for your business and in turn gain more loyal customers. Ajenda PR focuses on quality clients not quantity. This ensures that you are receiving the attention and service you deserve rather than being lost in a sea of other competitors. Ajenda PR treats each client as a celebrity and recognizes their own distinct personality.

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