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Member Number: 00001597

Date Joined: March 27, 2012

Address: 4966 El Camino Real STE 225
Los Altos, CA 94022

Number of Employees: 8

Phone Number: (800) 530-6854

Fax Number: (800) 637-6854

Contact:  Alex Bond
Phone: (800) 530-6854
Fax: (800) 637-6854

Website: https://www.ovlg.com/

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Products and Services

Debt Consolidation

Debt Settlement

Debt Management

Debt Management

Company Formation

Defamation Protection

Wills and Trusts

Bankruptcy Filings

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Business Description

Oak View Law Group (OVLG) is a leading law firm in the US. It is dedicated to reduce financial stress of its clients, protect rights and provide consumer education. Get in touch with one of the leading consumer law firms in California for issues pertaining debt relief, debt settlement, bankruptcy filing, credit repair, and automatic stay violation protection etc. Visit www.ovlg.com for details.

Business Verification

Secretary of State Filing:

State Seal of CA
Corporate Name:Oak View Law Group
Filing State:CA
Entity Number:C2941394
Filing Date:January 02, 2007
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