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Member Number: 00132166

Established: February 03, 1987

Address: 6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd #400
North Hollywood, CA 91606

Number of Employees: 70

Phone Number: (844) 765-8324

Contact:  John H (Solar Energy)
Phone: (844) 765-8324 ext: 0

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Products and Services

SolarWorld's modules (panels)

Q.PRO-G4 solar modules

SolarEdge inverters

Optimal Energy Harvest


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Business Description

Since 1987, we at Green Solar Technologies have insisted on providing our valued customers with the highest quality solar products at unbeatable prices. We achieve this by using only the best American-made solar panels and are proud to help keep our fellow Americans working. Due to our long standing relationships with our partners and the sheer volume of our business, we are able to pass on unbeatable value to you. Long before renewable energy was a buzzword, we have been pioneers of the clean energy movement. Our goal then and our goal now is the same: to make renewable energy an everyday reality for American homeowners. Green Solar Technologies was created out of a need to provide high quality, American-made solar systems, at unbeatable prices and for over 25 years, we have been a leading installer of residential and commercial systems nationwide.

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Corporate Name:Green Solar Technologies
Filing State:CA
Entity Number:C3302495
Filing Date:June 08, 2010
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