How Did They Get My Number?

Companies usually pay for a group of phone numbers called Data, which my contain your number, from a marketing or data warehousing company. The  marketing company obtains your phone number from different public sources, such as DMV registration, and home ownership records. At times, individual companies can sell your information acquired during purchases.  Declined applications, or referrals, can be purchased.  If you get a call from the same number over and over, that company is most likely using a “dialer”. Listen to the whole dialer message.  Federal law requires companies to have a “take me off the list” option., or  "to be added to our do not call list, press..." Press the number  the message mentions.  Also, Federal law requires companies compare their dialing list against the national Do Not Call List. Go to  Follow the instructions to add your phone number to the list.  Within 30 days, your number should no longer be dialed by telemarketers. Federal law also states cell phones cannot be dialed by telemarketers. However, being able to tell if a phone number belongs to a cell phone is nearly impossible.  Adding your cell phone number to the national Do Not Call list is also recommended.

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