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Contact Name Profiles Include:

  • Instant Positive Rating after successful business review
  • Secretary of State verifications posted
  • The ability to upload a scanned license or permit
  • Post current locations of the business
  • Upload your business logo
  • Positive reviews will be posted on each profile
  • Appear in multiple categories
  • Post contact info for multiple employees
  • The ability to manage consumer complaints and/or reviews

Why Choose


  • We are not Bias like the BBB
  • Your rating is not dependent on the Industry you are in.
  • We show more about your company that any other rating agency.
  • 1 Complaint will not make you Untrusted
  • Post Company Video's
  • Show of your Marketing Material was established in 2009, and was designed help small, medium and large business gain and maintain trust with their respective consumers, and to do so without having to depend on bias-based rating agencies such as the BBB.

Our targeted rating system allows member businesses to show consumers that they are, established, ethical, trusted and real. And, of course, this is going to mean more clients and more dollars for your business.

When a prospective client or consumer says “I’ll call you back”, what he or she really mean is “I’m going to check you out on-line.”

Have you ever considered how many prospective customers didn’t even contact you again after conducting their search?

With, you can direct them directly to your business profile so they actually do call you back once they see that you are highly rated.

You can show off virtually anything about your business  --- Your Secretary of State Seal, Business License, social media like Facebook, your on-line directory listing, company videos, advertisements, and positive reviews.

You can also link to any other rating agency such as Yelp, or the BBB.

You can add or remove anything from your account except negative ratings, but we will remove these for you; and will also help to resolve complaints before they even reach you.

In short, will serve empower your on-line reputation; and we can also help to market and freshen-up your website to make it more relevant for 2016.

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TRUSTScore Key

Below is the TrustScore Key, each business is fairly rated based on our TrustScore Factors.

Excellent 121+
Good 111-120
Average 101-110
Below Average 75-100
Not Scored Under 75

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