Avoiding Scams

Avoiding online scams is pretty easy. The number of victims who are victimized by the scams each year is amazing. As much as the deaths resulting from the scams are disheartening, every one of those deaths is 100% preventable. Even if your common sense fails you, your logic tells you otherwise, and your gut feeling just plain says "jump in!", do a little thinking first and follow through the four steps below.

First, if it's too good to be true, don't bother going further. No way will anyone make millions signing for a consignment at an airport. If that was the case, this website would have never gotten started.

Second, scams are based on the slight chance you actually has some sort of stake in the company the scam is claiming to represent. If you don't have anything to do with the company, why follow through with what the email states?

Third, you do have an account with the company being represented. NEVER, we repeat NEVER click on any links in the emails. Instead, go to the company's website. Any problems with the company as a whole that affect their customers will be displayed in an area that is easy to find.  If nothing is mentioned, login. Any problems with your account will be revealed right away. If no problems are mentioned, I think it's safe to hit the "Delete" button.

Fourth, if your long lost Uncle Albert was never mentioned by your family members, why are you bothering to believe in a long lost Uncle Albert?  Feel free to substitute "Uncle Albert" with any other long lost relative. Still not convinced the email is a scam? Just ask known relatives.

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