The Trust Score was created to protect the consumer from doing business with a company that is not conducting its affairs the right way. In this day and age, no business should be able to, nor should any reputable business want to “fly under the radar”. A Business that is reticent to display its talents and services on social media, directory listings, and other affiliate websites to either drive traffic, or validate the trustworthiness of the business needs to be questioned.  Research has proven that consumers are far less likely to do business with company that does not have a Website, Logo, and Directory listing such as the BBB, Yelp,Manta,etc. makes it easy for a consumer to access information about the credibility of any member business.
The Trust Score is determined by the following:

  • Web Presence: Does the company have a website? Logo? Contact info?
  • Directory Listings: Is the company affiliated with or displaying its info with other major directories such as the Better Business Bureau, Manta,, Yelp, etc.
  • Social Media Capability: Does this business have a Facebook and/or Twitter account? This is key when a business advertises. Nowadays who doesn’t have a Social Media Account?
  • Consumer Reviews: Negative or Positive, each business will have their reviews posted on their profile.  
  • Valid Licensing: Each profile will display their business license and a link to the site to validate this license. This ensures each company is a licensed, valid business.
  • Logo Visibility: Each profile will have a space to insert a company logo. Each logo will link to the company website.
  • Company Contact: Each Business profile will have the ability to post multiple company contacts. This is key for consumer confidence; that there are actual “contact points” should the consumer need to get a hold of the business to check on status or ask questions.
  • Business Ethics: will delete any profile that has explicit content, nudity, terrorist organizations, and/or companies that are false or fake. Any business profile that is participating in fraudulent activity will be reported to the FTC for further action.
  • Advertising Review: will delete a business’s profile or lower its Trust Score if we feel that their Advertising is truly misleading.


Points used to create a Trustscore.

Sign Up (+50) 50
Secretary of State Verification(+50) 50
Business Website(+5) 5
Directory Memberships(+1) 1
Social Networking(+1) 4
Categories(+1)(max 3) 3
Products and Services(+1)(max3) 3
Business Logo(+5) 5
Secondary Contact(+5) 5 Profile age(+2 per year) 1
Positive Reviews (+1)  10
Negative Reviews (-3.0)  -6


Businesses: Become a certification logo


TRUSTScore Key

Below is the TrustScore Key, each business is fairly rated based on our TrustScore Factors.

Excellent 121+
Good 111-120
Average 101-110
Below Average 75-100
Not Scored Under 75

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